We develop planning tools aimed at Multi Project Management and Staff Scheduling.

Our tools present the planning problem in a unique way that pinpoint the core planning issue, giving you an unsurpassed overview of and control over the planning task.

Our product portfolio covers:

Program Management / Multi Project Management
Applies to construction, engineering, development and program management generally.
Also applicable as a strategic planning tool.
Roster / Staff scheduling
Applies to health care, service facility management, hotel/restaurant staffing , Kinder garten and rostering generally.


Multi Project Planner

The very focus of Multi Project Planner is planning, scheduling and tracking multiple concurrent projects competing for scarce and shared resources.

The main planning board of Multi Project Planner is a capacity schedule mirroring your organization.
At this schedule the activities of the projects are booked according to available space in time and the activities' resource requirements.

The picture below shows the planning board for a construction company.
In the schedule eight projects, P1 to P8, each distinguished by its own color, are scheduled.
The projects' 'Foundation' activities are 'booked' at the 'Concrete team', the 'Walls' activities are booked at one of the 'Bricklayer' teams, etc.

Planning Board for a Construction Company. Click for larger image.

The picture clearly illustrates how the production apparatus forms a pipeline through which the projects flows. The need to avoid a 'lumpy flow' becomes obvious. Click to enlarge.

Planning process

Planning and scheduling projects in Multi Project Planner involves these steps:

  1. Define the project using Work Breakdown Structure.
  2. Define the order of execution of the activities using a Gantt chart.
  3. Drag and Drop the project onto the capacity schedule, letting Multi Project Planner figure out the scheduling.
  4. Automatically allocate resources to the activities.
This Divide and Conquer strategy greatly eases the task of scheduling multiple concurrent projects, as you define the projects in advance without bothering about the resource situation and then schedule the projects without worrying about the predecessor and successor relationships between the activities, etc.

Defining a project using Work Breakdown Structure and scheduling it using Drag and Drop are illustrated in these videos.

  1. Creating a project using WBS.
  2. Scheduling a project.

Main benefits

The layout of Multi Project Planner lets you concentrate on the big picture thereby ensuring the sanity of the plan, while Multi Project Planner concentrates on the little things, thereby ensuring the completeness and consistency of the plan.
This division of work greatly enhances the credibility of the plan.

Besides Multi Project Planner offers financials, which lets you calculate your projects as well as monitoring the financial consequences of the plan.

Together with the highly interactive planning board this design greatly eases the task of scheduling multiple projects, minimizing project lead-time and spot potential resource conflicts well in advance.

A unique and simple yet comprehensive solution to the multi project management problem.


Multi Project Planner is applicable in construction, engineering, development, consultancy and generally where multiple concurrent projects compete for scarce resources.

The program is mainly targeted at small to medium sized projects, but can be used as a strategic tool on a portfolio of large projects, if these projects and the resources are generalized into broader concepts.


The costs of Multi Project Planner for single user license is 948 USD. Download a free trial.

Roster Planner

Roster Planner is a staff scheduling tool, that separates the problem into three:

  1. The activity schedule, showing what is to be done when.
  2. The work schedule, showing who is available when.
  3. The assignment problem of who is to do what and when, based on availability and competences.

Scheduling both the tasks and the employees is a unique approach, ensuring that the tasks are manned with minimum set of employees.

This layout pinpoints the primary scheduling problem thereby making it manageable.

Roster Planner's daily management planning board. Click for larger image.

Main benefits

  • Ensures you get the jobs assigned with the right staff.
  • Optimize your schedules by using the template feature as a simulation tool.
  • All communications with your staff via email ensuring fast and efficient coordination.


The program is applicable in health care, hospital departments, kindergarten, facility service business and other sites where the tasks and working hours exhibits a recurring pattern and where the scheduling task is of such complexity, that manual composition is difficult.


The costs of Roster Planner for single user license is 248 USD. Download a free trial.


Multi Project Planner
is a huge winner for our company.

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A good plan today
is better than
a perfect plan tomorrow.

George S. Patton

As circumstances change you will have to change the plan.

Due to the domino effect the plan may be invalidated for quite a span of time.

Quite often you only have the time and knowledge to adjust the very near future of the plan, leaving the rest in an inconsistent state.

Multi Project Planner respects that fact, by offering features capable of holding the hot potatoes, until you are ready do deal with them.

This enables you to deliver a good plan today and a perfect plan tomorrow.